Role of the Design Team

The Design Team is a mix of front line staff (i.e., people who know the day-to-day homeless system very well, including case managers and persons who were formerly homeless) and program leaders who run critical systems, have detailed knowledge of data and resources, and are innovative thinkers.

The Design Team works together to diagnose system weaknesses and gaps, design a new system prototype, set ambitious and specific goals, and generate a detailed work plan.  With help from the Leadership Team, the Design Team will implement and test the new system as they pursue their goals.

Role of the Leadership Team

A critical and ongoing role for the Leadership Team is to “clear the path” in a way that allows the Design Team to implement and “pressure test” a new and better, system design during the Sprint cycle (100 days). This includes each Leadership Team member using his or her influence (political, professional, personal) to:

  • get buy-in for the project from other key leaders and community members
  • make policy changes that will streamline housing processes and remove barriers
  • secure commitments of new resources (units, services) that will help the Team achieve its goal
  • redeploy existing resources and/or staff to enable implementation and testing of the prototype
  • empower, create, and protect space for the Design Team to unleash creativity and innovation