Thank you for your interest in being part of the solution!

The La Crosse Collaborative to End Homelessness is working to not only put a roof over someone’s head but also work to find the most sustainable housing situation for each of the clients we serve. Each individual or family has a unique set of needs so the Collaborative works to “match” appropriate social service supports and necessary financial assistance along with the “right” unit. Determining which unit is “right” for a client is based on their needs such as access to public transportation systems, proximity to shopping, healthcare and other services, and taking into account the individual’s or family’s already established connection to the community.

Please be patient with us! The Collaborative is working to make our “matching” process work faster and more effectively for our clients and landlords but does on occasion take some time. We thank all of the landlords who are currently working with us and who have offered units even when we have not succeeded with a match!

If you have housing units available and are interested in helping individuals or families get back on their feet, please take a moment to complete our Landlord Survey below. Once you submit your information our Project Manager will send your responses on to our Collaborative team of agencies working directly with the clients on their needs. We will contact you right away if we are able to make a match!


Landlord Survey